Criminal Defense

In Georgia, criminal charges have the potential to disrupt your entire life. From fines to the threat of imprisonment, the ramifications can be lasting. You may lose your job or suffer irreparable damage to your reputation. Without the aid of strong legal counsel, you may be facing the full brunt of the law.I am attorney Timothy McCalep, and I offer aggressive representation to those in Atlanta and the surrounding areas who are in need of criminal defense. As a litigator, I think it’s important to be tenacious both in and out of court, and I pride myself on being a tough negotiator. My goal is to protect my clients’ rights, no matter the allegations.

A Criminal Defense Attorney For Any Situation

I work to protect clients against all charges levied against them, from simple misdemeanors to serious felony allegations. Specifically, I assist clients who are facing the following:

  • Traffic offenses, ranging from driving with a suspended license to DUI charges
  • Drug charges, from first-time offenders to those facing distribution charges and more
  • Violent crimes charges, including aggravated assault and family violence battery
  • Robbery and theft charges
  • Gun and weapon offenses, including possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Sex crimes charges, from sexual assault to rape
  • Forgery and fraud charges, including credit card and check fraud

As an experienced attorney, I offer protection against all manner of charges, working to protect clients from the allegations they are facing.

As a lawyer, I also know the importance of contacting an attorney immediately upon learning that you may be facing serious criminal charges. By delaying, you are potentially losing valuable preparation time, which could negatively affect your legal strategy and defense.

Working To Protect Your Rights

For many clients, a criminal trial is the last thing that they wish for. However, it’s also an opportunity to clear your name of any allegations. I work diligently to help my clients through the legal process, whether that involves a trial or not.

To schedule a consultation with me and discuss your issues, call me at 404-988-5809 or use the contact form.